Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Here I am again.  Yep, Giving you the opportunity to see my desk in all its mess.  And the opportunity to see other desks and oftentimes projects all through the head desker Julia at the Stamping Ground who started this tour of desks over 8 years ago.

My desk has been busy.  I'm prepping for a class on Friday so there is lots going on.

So, from left to right....
My paper trimmer has an envelope on it with stamps for this kit I'm cutting at this time.  Then a package of blue paper. Behind these are my Cricut, some wooden embellishments and what not.
Center is some of the components of the card, film die strips, embossed blue layer, and white pieces to stamp on.  My Bloom Tool is in front. Behind is my red box of acrylic blocks and in front are 5 bottles of liquid ink.
Right is my ATG adhesive roller, some ink pads, and a plugged sprayer (I've soaked it, poked it with a pin and it's still plugged). Behind is a pile of scraps and and base to my OTT light.

This is card 3 of 4 that I'm cutting and I got about 1/2 done when allergies took over.  Between sneezing, blowing my nose, and very watery eyes I was done for the day.  Today I'm doing a bit better but need to take my allergy spray and eye drops.  Later, about 8 am I have a plumber coming to snake our kitchen drain as it's also plugged and has been for 1 1/2 days. Since we're on a private septic system we must be careful what we put down the drains.

So my post is short today.  I haven't got any projects to show as I started one when the sprayer plugged and now I have to rethink a special ATC I need to make.  Please head over to the Stamping Ground for the links to the other desks.



Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Carol, sorry your allergies have been playing up; it seems like there are blockages all round one way or the other. Hope all goes well with the plumber. Sarah #18

glitterandglue said...

Hi Carol. What a muddle... bless you. Hope everything gets sorted and that your allergies settle down so you can see to do things! hate it when my eyes go all bleary because I'm sneezing so much!
Take care. trust the class goes well on Friday.
God bless.
Margaret #3

May said...

I do hope all goes well with the allergies its horrid to be sneezing so much... Hope the plummer can fir your septic tank problem.... Hoping you have a better week ahead... May#15

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Septic tanks can be a right pain....hope this problem is sorted out easily. I wonder what it is that's set your allergies off at the time of year? In the UK, hay fever seems to be at its peak in May/June. Hope your class goes well, you certainly look very organised :-D
Hugs LLJ 5 xxxx

Heather M said...

Hi Carol, wow you are having a busy week! Hope your allergies calm down and you xan fet back to crafting. Have a lovelyvweek, Heather #6

Bernice said...

Oh dear - we had problems with our septic tank last week - a drain had become blocked so my son had the lovely job of sorting it - something useful for him to do in his summer hols!! He had to strip off and put all his clothes in the washing machine and have a bath afterwards - very smelly work!! Hope you get all sorted quickly.
Bernice #1

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Carole, I had to smile at the comment you left me. The desk space is only small because I fill it full of stuff but thank you for your lovely comment just don't look on the floor or behind me Lol! Sorry to hear your allergies have been playing up, very distracting. Thanks for the visit to mine and hoping you have a great woyww, Angela x12x

Lindart said...

So frustrating when a sprayer is plugged. I have a couple of Dylusions sprays that are plugged - for some reason it always seems to be the green ones! Have a great week - Thanks for sharing, Lindart #33

Cheetarah said...

Yes allergies can be so very annoying :( I have hayfever and I live near a huge community garden, so when I forget to take my allergy pills, it is terrible for me :( Have a lovely weekend! xo Cheetarah WOYWW #24