Monday, May 15, 2017

Hug Me, I'm a Winner!

Well, I'm finally getting some past Bloom Boxes done and these little dinosaurs are just the cutest!

Today our FSJ website is down for the BIG switch over to a new one!  I'm SO excited!!  I've been getting sneak peaks of it for training and it is fabulous!  So again, no links to products since I can't but if you see something you like you can do a search for it by Keyword or the SKU which I'll include.

So here's the products for this cute card (great for children of any age!).
Stamp Set: T-Rex Love (SS-0422)
Card Stock: Black Licorice (CS-0003), Electric Lime (CS-0123), Whip Cream (CS-0040),
Outrageous Pink (CS-0125), and Orange Rave (CS-0124)
Ink: Black Licorice (IP-0041)
Dies: Journey Circles (DI-0039) and Sweet Text Bubbles (DI-0149)
Coloring Tools: Color Splash Pencils (IM-0078) and Blending Brush (TO-0097, TO-0098, TO-0099)
Silks: Outrageous Pink (IP-0109), Electric Lime (IP-0108), and Sour Lemon (IP-0110)
Embellishments: Wiggle Eyes (AC-0173) and Sequins Special Celebrations (AC-0115)
Other: Journey Glaze (AD-0002)

Richard showed us in our Direction book for the Box how to do the "ink starburst) used on all the cards we made from this Box.  It was so easy but a bit messy.  Can you guess?  Basically we used the edge of our ink pad and tapped it as we pivoted it around on the card stock.  Practice on some scrap first to get the hang of it.

We used a lot of different products on this card so my list will be a bit long.  I'll give the SKU for those items not used on the above card.
Stamp Set: T-Rex Love
Card stock: Electric Lime, Whip Cream, Turbo Teal (CS-0127), Orange Rave, and Cosmic Grape (CS-0122)
Inks: Black Licorice, Electric Lime (IP-0112), Cosmic Grape (IP-0111), Orange Rave (IP-0113), and Turbo Teal (IP-0116)
Dies and Punches:  Journey Circles, Punch Handle (TO-0031), 1" Circle (TO-0013), and  1 1/4" Circle (TO-0014)
Coloring Tools: Color Splash Pencils and Blending Brush
Silks: Orange Rave (IP-0118), Turbo Teal (IP-0119), and Electric Lime
Embellishments: Wiggle Eyes, Bloom Time Sequins (AC-0114), Sparkle Trim (AC-0207), and Amazing Trim (AC-0206)
Other: Journey Glaze

In my next post I'll share the other 2 cards from this Bloom Box (feels good to get them done).  I'll be using one of them for our Great Grandson's Bday.  And you can then check out our NEW and IMPROVED website!!


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StampedbyChris said...

So cute! I'm waiting on my ink pads to do mine. Were on backorder, hope they come in soon!