Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WOYWW 391 and Candy Canes

Winter is setting in as we are under hard freeze warnings.  Yesterday I covered our orange tree and 4 potted plants.  Some of those will come in after I get them pruned but I've not got room yet.  But today I'm giving you a glimpse of my desk as I head into Tucson, AZ with hubby to get his physical for his commercial drivers license and maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping. But I do need to tell you that this fun tour d' desks is put together by the cool Julia at the Stamping Ground.  My desk photo was take late yesterday afternoon while is was very busy.  I was trying to get kits made of my Friday morning class.

I hope I didn't shrink the photo too much but you can click on it to enlarge.  Far left in front of my red Cricut (which got a bit of use recenlty) a number of Christmas stamp sets and a couple ink pads.  Kinda middle is a package of circle dies sitting on top of a pack of paper which you can see far right being cut on the Platinum machine. There's a lot going on but about 2 hours later I was done and on to a nugget holder for the youngest granddaughter's birthday gift.

Last week you seen my desk busy making the last batch of a dozen Christmas cards.

I'll find out Friday if any of the 3 packages sold.  I have a class that morning of a trio of Christmas projects.

I still have to make my personal Christmas cards as I only have a few.  I did get some made for my personal recruits in the company I'm with but they'll get mailed Friday.  They've been in my car since Monday and I have yet to get to the post office.  Oh well.

So please head over to the Stamping Ground and check out the links to many other desks.  I'll hopefully hop along later this afternoon or tomorrow after I get home from work.


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Carol, love that card! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx

Unknown said...

So pretty and festive! Happy Wednesday. Sandy Leigh #38

Sharon said...

Busy looking desk. Good luck with your class and have fun with your shopping trip. The candy cane card looks lovely.

Sharon K #33

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that's one of my skills Carol, driving round with stuff in the car that should be takes days instead of minutes. Why is that?! Looks like your class preps were very organised to me, and I love to read that you finished, cleared up and then moved straight're definitely facing the season head on!

Ginny Maxam said...

I love your desk, everything organized and at your finger tips!!

Have a great weekend! Ginny #45

Morti said...

I do love a simple card. I can't be fussing with lots of bits and pieces and glitter at Christmas. Just too darned many cards to make!

Morit @35