Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Desk and a Full Moon

We've been struggling under high heat alerts here in southern Arizona with temps up to 114* F in Tucson.  I've had 111*F here at my house and my Air Conditioner is working quite a bit keeping us kinda cool.  I have the thermostat set at 82" because of the electric rates but it's bearable.  I have been busy creating cards as I'm preparing for a possible class next month.  So, my desk is busy!  And your opportunity to view my desk is part of the fun What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and this is week 368.  Normally our head desker Julia at the Stamping Ground does the weekly link-ups but she is recuperating from surgery so Jan at the Lunch Lady Jan's Fabric Frenzy blog (thanks so much Jan!) is stepping up to keep this weekly get together going. As of last week Julia was doing pretty good but she has a lot of healing to do.

I have stamp sets, inks, paper trimmer, and more on my work area.  Pretty much in the middle is a "step-out board" that goes with one of the cards.  It's a 12" x 12" board with the steps and directions needed to make the card.  On the back is a list of the supplies and paper sizes.  I'm working on a class of 4 cards and I have 1 more to make.  I have to have these  done by Friday to submit to a friend who arranges the classes at the (now closed but location available) store.  Now that the store is closed I get to promote the company I represent which is wonderful!

I took a pic of the full moon the other morning.  I didn't see the "strawberry" moon but this one had a bit of pinkish color to it.  It's actually a bit lighter out than the picture shows.  I didn't want to lighten it much with Photo Shop.

Now please head over to Jan's blog to get the links to all of us participating in this global blog hop of desks!  I'll be hopping around while I finish some more cards and step-out boards (which I'll share later) and doing laundry.


Lisca said...

I'm impressed with your moon photo. I didn't get one at all.
Your card making is brilliant. Did you compile the work sheet yourself, or did it come with a kit? Looks great.
Happy WOYWW,
Greetings from sunny Spain,

Sharon said...

Pretty moon photo. Those cards look like they are cute - something about lemons maybe? Rather you than me with that heat. It was in the 90s here and that was enough.

Sharon K #37

Lindart said...

Your moon is beautiful! It was raining here (Ontario, Canada), we had a huge storm to welcome in summer! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #45

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Is the store in GV now closed? I knew its days were numbered. I'd only been there once when hubby took me. I'm not a fan of freeway driving so he did it but we had to visit the Titan Missile Site as well. That was cool.

I'm way off the subject now, which is your desk chock full of goodies. Those cards you are mocking up now look very nice--happy lemons. That is great that you can promote your company now.

Thanks for the visit earlier! No one got wacky at work over that full moon (whoopie!) Thus proving summer school students are so much better. PJ #49

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, that's hot! I don't do high temps, think I must have some Viking blood in me somewhere 😊Love the pic of the strawberry moon, we saw it here too!
Hugs, LLJ xxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Lovely photo of the moon, that landscape would make a lovely design for a card or journal page. Nice busy desk too. Another late visit for me as we've been to the Lincolnshire agricultural show today. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 21

April said...

I took a picture too! Great minds. :-)
April #34

dmgarafalo said...

Love your moon photo,I did a moon light hike in a local park - very cool!xoxox Donna #4