Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Desk and A Mountain

I have not stamped for over a week as I've been in northwest Wyoming to see our kids.  And since today is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday I decided to share a majestic mountain along with my desk.  And today sweet Jan at Lunch Lady Jan's Fabric Frenzy is hosting today's desk tour for Julia who is on vacation and having health issues.

I do have the products of an order I got in the night before I left on my mini trip. I also am showing a new shelf to the top left that I acquired last week.  So now my desk is even more organized above my red Cricut.  On the desk from left to right, a tote with my special swap for an upcoming Fun Stampers Journey convention, my trimmer with a new package of Color Burst bottles, then stamps and dies in the center. I did get 6 new ink pads put into the ink rack top right.

Sunday my son, his wife, our grandson, and I went to Red Lodge, MT, a ski and tourist town where we used to live from 1985 - 1988.  After a nice meal we drove southwest along the Beartooth Highway to where the road was closed.  The pass is over 10,000' elevation (above timberline) and still snow packed.  But I did get this picture of the start of the highway switchbacks going up the mountain (center left) and a even higher mountain in the distance where it is snowing.  I've been over this pass quite a few times in the past 40 years and I never get tired of seeing these majestic peaks.

Hopefully next week I'll have some projects to show you but I won't be taking part in this desk tour on June 9th as I'll be gone to convention and will not be getting much computer time.  Please head over to LLJ's blog to click on lots of links to blogs of those taking part.  I'll be looking around along with trying to get some laundry done plus making some Cinnamon-Rhubarb Muffins.

I also want to say Happy Anniversary to WOYWW as this is the 7th anniversary of this great event! Thanks so much to Julia for starting this and keeping it going.  I have cyber-met many wonderful ladies and I'm looking forward to a long "relationship".  God bless you, Julia!


Unknown said...

Hello Carol and happy 7th WOYWW anniversary oh your desk has lots of goodies to play with and I love your organizing for your space. The picture you took is just breathless I so miss living near the mountains but I am not missing the snow as we had the white stuff for a few days last week again. Have a fantastic week. Hugs~Anne L#3

Bridget Larsen said...

wow 10,000 is very high but what a gorgeous view
Bridget #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ooooh, cinnamon rhubarb muffins sound good - have you got one spare??! Lol. I'm liking the new addition to your desk, it helps with the organisation I bet. And the scenery is stunning, I've never been to the US but must put it on my bucket list!
HUgs, LLJ xxxx

Twiglet said...

Stunning mountain view there! Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo

Lisca said...

What a beautiful mountain! And it's nice to return to familiar haunts from time to time. We have a mountain that I look apon which is also snow covered and above the timber line. It's called the Sierra Nevada. We live on 1200 meters which I think is more than 3600 ft. I never tire of the view.
Your desk looks very organised indeed.
Happy 7th anniversary,

Sharon said...

Beautiful picture! Glad you're having fun with your family.

Sharon K #45

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab desk & lovely post. Very happy WOYWW 7! Take care Zo xx 41

ToadilyDiane said...

Nice desk. I just got a shelf too but I have to clean my desk to use my shelf. Lol.
Happy anniversary!!
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #2

Chidkid said...

Wow..that's a busy desk! What a beautiful mountain...lucky you

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's been awhile since I was by, or even played for that matter. I would have been by sooner, but not long after I was finally able to link up, my electricity went out due to a hail and thunderstorm that ran through here.

You have some awesome products on your desk. And that mountain view is fantastic. Family time is always important, isn't it?

Happy 7th Anniversary from # 5.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That is a great looking new shelf, but that majestic mountain takes the cake (and the chocolate chip cookies too). When you first said you were going to share a mountain I thought, "Why, there's hardly a mound on her desk!" I see, a REAL mountain and not a mountain of crafting stuff.

Thanks for the visit earlier and answering my question. The class in question isn't until late next month so giving a supply list now shouldn't be an issue with folks-lots of advance time. I'm seeing more and more that it is common to ask people to bring stuff, especially if the class is free! I just need to change my mindset!

Lynne Mizera said...

What a magnificent mountain pass photo you shared with all of us... I live smack in the middle of the Rockies and It NEVER gets old! Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary! Scrapbook Lynne Mizera, WOYWW#58

Julia Dunnit said...

I can almost imagine the fresh air , and majestic is the word alright. Fancy living amongst that - lucky you. You are always busy with the business aren't you, I love a convention, I must admit . Almost as much as I love the colours of those ink pads - lush!

BJ said...

Super desk, great mountain. Happy WOYWW 7th anniversary BJ#20

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! I love Red Lodge! I was there for work last June and had some free time to drive the Bear Tooth pass, and in around Wyoming (Looked for a scrapbook store in Cody; it was closed Sunday...) it was stunning! I was supposed to go back this year; very bummed the trip was cancelled.
Enjoy the Holiday weekend.
-K #60

LisaDV said...

Great mountain view and now lots of goodies to play with. Happy belated WOYWW Anniversary! Hope you have a great and crafty week. LisaDV #44

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carol, I'm sorry I haven’t managed to comment earlier, once again life got in the way! You know, laundry, garden work, etc. However, I have promised myself to get round all the desks this week to celebrate our 7 years of WOYWW friendship - so here I am. Love the photo of the your beautiful mountains - they are not unlike our Scottish mountains. Those muffins sound delicious :) Have a great weekend, Elizabeth x #66

Shoshi said...

Lovely busy desk, Carol - it all looks well organised and colourful! That view is stunning - how utterly beautiful! Thanks for sharing and lifting our spiits with such a gogeous photo! Thank you for you lovely comment and I'm sorry to be so long replying but we've had such a busy time lately and I've been very tired and needing to rest, too, and am quite behind with all my computer stuff. Thank you for all your good wishes, and I'm so glad you like the flower boxes. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #49

sandra de said...

Stunning mountain pic....apologies for the late visit but I am still getting my room ready after the painting.
sandra de @37

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

You have and are busy Carol, agree with you on the views and lovley atcs up above!
Thanks so much for sharing.
Happy very belated WOYWW 7! Shaz in Oz.x #8

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Cara said...

Only a bit late visiting you! Love the photos. Cara x