Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bookmarks and Desks

Such a gorgeous day we're going to have!  Great sun, nice temps, and a light breeze.  And it's Wednesday!  You know, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  The day you have the opportunity to view my desk and many others through the hard work of Julia at the Stamping Ground.  And if you are new to this please click on her "What is WOYWW?" tab when you head over there.

My desk is in between projects.  Far left are some swap cards for my Pomona, CA trip next month.  I do have a post scheduled to show them on March 11.  Next is a box of glue dots and a pile of cards (from the Feb. Bloom Box - see my previous post and my FSJ Specials tab if interested) the with my most recent Easter card on top.  The right half of my picture is a notebook of directions from FSJ's monthly Bloom Boxes that I was going through for some info. 

So, not too busy at the moment.  But I did watercolor some book marks earlier this week.

I kept the paper info from the 12" sq. sheet for info.  I layered these on card stock then laminated them.  I think I'll give a couple to my secret sis at church.  I did not put my name on them so she won't know as she does know I'm a crafter.  This may be difficult keeping my identity a secret.

Please head over to the Stamping Ground to get the links to other desks.  I'll be heading over this afternoon as I have an appointment with my optometrist for new contacts this morning.   Enjoy your journey as you travel Europe and the U.S.!


glitterandglue said...

Hello Carol. I love those bookmarks - they are a great idea as a little gift - especially as a secret surprise for someone.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #40

Caz said...

Sunny here but cold!! Frosty this morning too :-( Can't wait for some warmer weather to get here!

Lovely busy desk - love the bookmarks, I so hate it when people turn page corners down in books :-(



ToadilyDiane said...

I LOVE your bookmarks. I really like the PUSH. Great saying. You have inspired me to make some bookmarks! Thanks!

Have a great day!

Diane WOYWW #44

Angie said...

Lovely weather eh? It's been raining and grey and mild for days now. It will pour and stop, pour and stop, bleck. It makes for some seriously muddy pups feet too! Love the business of the desk, gosh to go upstairs and actually create what fun that would be, I'm getting there! Thanks for the visit!
Angie #53

Patrink said...

Good morning Carol, and yes indeed another beautiful day awaits here in AZ.

Thanks for your visit a couple of weeks ago. Hope you have a chance to visit my desk today as well.

Pat #61

Sharon said...

Lovely book marks! They would make a great gift for your secret sister. Hope you have fun on your trip.

Sharon K #47

SusanLotus said...

Lovely and inspiring bookmarks!

Have a great day!
Sussie nr 50

Cara said...

Loving the bookmarks, so fun! Have a great week. Cara woyww #41

Julia Dunnit said...

You're so organised! I love the colouring of the bookmarks,but I think you're right, you will eventually out yourself to your secret sis!