Friday, January 29, 2016

Bread Tag Valentines

I purchased some fun Valentine tags with my recent order from the new Spring Mini Catalog and have been enjoying playing with them.  On one side is 4 different scenes and on the back is a To, From phrase. Very versatile!

And after cleaning my craft room closet I found the fun heart crystals and paper doilies so I just had to make this card.  I used Pomegranate Splash and Bubble Gum card stocks, the cool tags, and Bubble Gum ribbon for this simple card.

Here's a close up of the bow with the heart.  I'll save these crystals for my GVR classes as there's way more than just hearts in the package.

I also made these 3 Heart Kiss Holders for some of our family.  I pinned the pattern from QBee's Quest. I'll have to use bubble envelopes to mail them.

I attached the tags with some red scrapper's floss from my stash and stamped the text from our Selfie Love set.  Now I can eat the unused Kisses....

Products Used:
Love Treat Tags Bundle
Selfie Love stamp set
Pomegranate Splash cs
Bubble Gum cs

Bubble Bum Ribbon
Candy Apple ink

Now that my closet had been cleaned and things in there are so much easier to get to I'm enjoying playing a bit more.  My ankle is much improved though there is still some swelling, bruises, and pain I have gone back to cleaning at our church.  Almost 4 weeks of down time has also taken it's toll on my body and am looking forward to slowly getting back in shape at Copper Fitness in Green Valley.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

I was thinking about your closet today. It looks like we got approved to move into this house... I craft in the living room right now in about a 10x10 section with lots stash in a closet--the size that would hold a washer and dryer (it lacks hookups). If we get this place I do get my own room, 10x10, but the closet it eeny weeny. Do that math, it doesn't add up in my favor. I'm going to have to do some serious closet cleaning!

Love those heart jewels, they have some pizzazz. Your cards with tags are way neat as is your candy treat holder. I went to buy some candies today to use for treat bags. The grocery store had tons of Valentine non-edible stuff, lots of hearts filled with chocolate but not little candies like you would put in a candy bowl or put in treat bags. What's up with that?!!