Friday, January 16, 2015

A Couple More Sympathy Cards

Today is the funeral for my aunt.  I made sympathy cards for all my cousins in her family.... 6.  I posted a couple Wednesday and here are 2 more.

Since I just purchased this "Sentimental Prints" set from Fun Stampers Journey, I have been playing with it.  I love how the stamps are so versatile and there are quite a few different phrases in the set.

I used this set for 5 of the 6 cards and this is card 4.  Except for the top card every one has some rhinestones on it.  I wanted the cards to be special for my cousins as we are pretty close.

I stamped the text on the orange layer on a diagonal to make a pattern.  It is faint but that's what I intended.
The inks used are also from FSJ but the card stocks came from my scrap bucket.  I sure have a LOT still!

Tomorrow I hope to work on FSJ's Kit of the Month cards.  I will be substituting some of products from my stash (some from other companies if I have to). Yesterday I had more tests (another mammogram and an ultrasound) and hopefully I'll hear from my doctor today.  The 2 technicians said the "abnormality" looked like a benign cyst according to their experience.


Eliza said...

Your cards are great, I find it so difficult to put sympathy cards together. They will be well received I am sure.

Hugs Eliza

Anonymous said...

The sympathy cards are simple and elegant. Good job!
Gail S.