Saturday, July 5, 2014

Easy Chicken Cheese Savory Monkey Bread

What, you say!!!  Monkey Bread with chicken and cheese???  Huh?  Well, yeah!  I made this wonderful dish last night but I agree, it definitely has a strange name.

I was looking around in Pinterest this past week and found a blog called "52 Ways to Cook".  And this particular post was about rotisserie chicken.  Yep, pricked my interest.  As I scrolled through way more than 52 ways I seen this recipe.  So easy, love the ingredients, so I printed it out and made it.  Hubby LOVED it! And yes, it was absolutely easy!  And cheesy!  And savory!  Since this recipe made so much and there is only two of us I froze 3 servings in containers for hubby's lunch box.  I'll find out next week just how good they reheat in a microwave from being frozen.  And hubby gets a real laugh when I grab my camera to take a picture of food.  Do you do this??

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