Monday, May 5, 2014

Silver City, New Mexico

This past weekend we took a little overnight trip just to get away.  We went to Silver City, NM as I was interested in seeing the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  It was fabulous except for 1 thing.  There was a 5 day bicycle race going on so the roads were quite congested and some were closed.  After getting a room we headed to the Dwellings.  It took TWO hours to drive 44 miles!!  Oh my gosh was the road narrow and extremely winding.  Typical for a mountain road and very beautiful!

We hiked 1 mile to go to the dwellings and back from the trail head. The trail was narrow and quite steep in places.  Here is the best photo I took of the dwellings.  We got to go into the largest cave and look around.  Fascinating!

I took our photo as we took a breather on the climb up.  I have photos of a ring-necked lizard, some blooming yucca, inside walls, the trail, and more.

Yesterday, we went downtown and took in the Silver City Museum.  It was quite interesting and the old house was fascinating.  Great history of the area. 

Hopefully I'll get some stamping time this afternoon.  Hope you get to play "tourist" now and then!


Terry said...

Great to see you enjoying yourselves! outdoors! Tomorrow you folks are predicted to have 100 degree weather again. AC? anyone?
Fun to see your tourist picture, thanks for sharing.
Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Where are the other pictures?