Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Concertina Card/Album

I'm needing to finish my projects for some special classes coming after the first of the year.  I have 2 done and worked hard for a couple days to finish the 3rd as I need to make flyers for these particular classes through GVR (Green Valley Recreation) in AZ.  I've been doing classes with this organization for 5 years and am down to 1 class a month for 3 months as most my "students" are snow birds. And, with the economy, the classes have slowed.

Anyway, I sent in all my paperwork way back in May for these 3 classes and sometimes I've never made the project before.  This is the new one to me this year.  I learned it from my Technique Junkies "Move It" CD and love it!  The CD even has samples of the different projects to jump start the mojo.

This is a monster card! It's 5" x 9".  And it can be either a card or an album.  Mine is more like an album.

I made copies of the 2 school photos we just received of our youngest granddaughters and cut them out to fit. The inside of the "album" is like a squash book design.  I had to decorate the insides of the cover as the back side of the pattern card stock was white.  I added some sponging over the images so it wouldn't be stark white.  I also reinforced the punched holes for the ribbon to prevent them from tearing.

I would recommend to use a heavier card stock for the cover as mine is rather light. I used stamps from Red Rubber Designs and The Angel Company (TAC) for all stamping.  And the paper was purchased from TAC long long ago.

We are home from our trip to see the oldest son and his family on the Pacific coast. Today hubby is traveling with 2 other guys to northern CA and central WA to set up some farm equip.  I don't expect him home for 10 days so hopefully I'll have the tree up, some decorating done, some baking done, and who knows what else.  We do have a family Christmas party on the 19th and my brother and his wife will be here just before that party.  Busy, busy, busy!

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