Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday Card for Mom

Next Monday is my mom's birthday....  80+ and I've been searching Pinterest for a cool idea.  And I found one!!!  I just finished it and now you get to see it.

This is the front.  I'm sorry about the paper clip but that was the only way I could keep the card closed to take the picture.  The paper is pretty much the end of one paper line I purchased from The Angel Company when I was a demo before they closed back in 2011.  All stamped images are from set from Red Rubber Designs.

And the inside.  It's a series of pop ups to look like a stack of gifts.

Here's another view to see more of the pop ups.  I think she'll get a kick out of this.  What do you think?  We'll be celebrating her birthday next Monday evening at Red Lobster, her favorite place.  Dean and I will be celebrating our anniversary at the same time.  He got me a beautiful plant but I need to figure out what it is....   Oh, the link to the post where I found this is Butterfly Kisses


Angie said...

That is very, very cool! And gee that paper looks so familiar! I have some of that left myself, though not much lol!

Glittered Paws said...

Love this - and I am sure your Mom will too - awesome card.

Anonymous said...

That is one impressive card! I'm sure your Mom will be thrilled.
Good job, Sistah!
Gail S.