Monday, August 19, 2013

Be Still

I was inspired by a cool card on Pinterest and this card is the product of that inspiration.  It was made by a Sandy Mathis and it was just lovely!  My card doesn't use the same layout but just the background is kinda similar.

The scripture is by The Angel Company and the flower silhouettes by Sunday International.  The twine is a new one by The Twinery called Denim.  The only thing I would change on this card it to have the moon on the right instead of the left.  Actually the card started out in landscape format but things changed.  I should have left it as a landscape card.  Oh well....    Do you do things like that?

I have to share this sunrise with you.  I took it July 30.  To me it was just breathtaking!

There is a "dot" near the bottom center.  I know my flash went off so I don't know it that has something to do with the spot.  The mountains are the Santa Rita range east of us. I've seen some spectacular lightening storms on them and a wild fire a few years back.  Also, if you are a praying person please pray for my mom.  Her cancer doctor found a "spot" on her shoulder and he and the heart doctor are quite concerned.  We take her to a hospital today for more tests.  Thanks!


Ginni said...

Isn't God's handiwork breathtaking? The photo is gorgeous. I'm guessing you have/had a spot on your lens. In the meantime, your mom will be in my prayers - you, too, cuz I know how such things can really throw you for a loop. Take care!

Glittered Paws said...

Beautiful card, beautiful picture of the sunsets, and mountains and will keep you mom and family in my thoughts and prayers. Have faith.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol, what a sunset! We were having miracle touch varied color 'sets' about then due to fire smoke, yet, now our fire smoke has become so thick that the borate bombers wwre allowed to take off from Billings Logan right before sunset tonight.
Send some more gorgeous class card ideas. People love reviewing and spotting a fading technique just to be blest with a great doable greeting card. Keep Looking UP!