Sunday, October 28, 2012

Intricate Star Card

I picked up the newest Card Makers magazine the other day due to a card I seen within its pages.  It's called the Intricate Star and it had my attention big time.  So yesterday I went to their website, entered the special code and got the PDF of the template.  I then scanned it into my computer and enlarged it to the recommended size.  Found some paper, traced, cut out....  Hmmm..... Can't figure out what to stamp or how I want to embellish it!  Have you done that???

Here's the outside.  I do have to work on the templates to get them to fit together a bit better.

And here's the inside.  The paper did beg (to me, anyway) for a western look and since the center showed a bit, no text in the center.  I'm debating stamping cowboy boots, or a hat, or something western to attach to the red triangles and maybe some smaller text to place between the horseshoes.  I'll have to go through my stamp stash to see what will work.

I have a funshop today for Memory Works in east Tucson.  I'll have the gals make the little apple tag I posted the other day and hopefully, get some orders.  I need to get some more cards made as next weekend one of my hubby's  sisters will be here for an art showing in Tubac, AZ.  I know I won't be making anything while she's here for 5 days! But maybe she'll let me photo some of her paintings to show you!

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