Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Scarf

I enjoy looking around Pinterest and found a really cool Tshirt Scarf that I just had to try.  I have a couple Tshirts from our local thrift store that I purchased for a couple dollars each so if it didn't work I wasn't out much money.  But it DID!!!!  I love it!  I also learned that you MUST use a cheap Tshirt.  A good quality one will NOT work (a friend at church told me this).

It's darned hard to take a pic of me wearing this so I got out a hanger and a sweater to show you  this scarf. Just click on the pic to enlarge.  Anyway, I figured 2 ways to wear this scarf, and if you have any ideas let me know.  Here's just a straight-forward simple way.

Here I moved the wrapped spot to the side and added a stamped pin.  So, now you are wondering how I did this!  Well, keep reading! I took a couple pics of the process!

I cut the bottom hem off.  Then I cut approx. 1" strips all the way to the arm pits of the shirt.  Easy! I got 15 strips out of this shirt.

I stretched each strip/loop to as long as I could get them.  It takes a lot to tear these so you don't have to be real easy in the stretching.  You'll hear if any threads start breaking.  Also, this shirt didn't have any seams but if yours does you can hide them.  I'll show you in the next pic.

I cut a 1" strip off the arm of the shirt... it's not a loop.  I put all long loops together then wrapped this strip around a small area about 3".  Get out matching thread and sew down the end.  The beginning end should be under this wrap.  If you have seams then wrap each seam.   There, done!  Go wear in fun!  I got some great compliments when I wore it and since it's red, it's perfect for Christmas!  I may make a couple as gifts!
And you did see the stamped pin in the 2nd picture so there is some stamping in this post! LOL!


Laurie Unger said...

Cool! Thanks for the how to photo's .

Glittered Paws said...

WOW - how awesome - and talk about fitting the season - perfect. Who wouldn't like one - what a cool gift.

Shelly N. said...

now that looks fun and easy. I love it!!!