Sunday, April 24, 2011

May Flowers Blog Hop

This evening we angels from Paper Wings are celebrating the beautiful flowers that grow in May. I know sunflowers are more of a fall flower but they are my favorites and, since I just got this cool Sunshine set, I just had to ink this sunflower!

I used Miss Moxie SWIC and matching cardstock along with White Caboodle cardstock.  The sketch is by Heather (she is very talented!) I colored the flower with the following Copic markers: Y35, Y38, YR61, YR24, YG03, YG06, and N1.  I added little orange posies and orange rhinestones and have you noticed the flower center??

I had this bottle of stuff by Suse Weinberg called Mini Mosaics Cracked Corn.  I've had it for years and this is the first time I used it!!  (What's hiding in your drawers that you haven't used....) I did color under it before I seen this stuff in the drawer with all my embossing powders and fun flocks.

So, now that you've seen my card please leave a comment or rating and visit these other angels' blogs for their wonderful projects!!

Rita W.

I was hoping more angels would take part but since today is Resurrection Day they probably had wonderful family times and couldn't commit.  We did get up at 3:15 this morning and was at church by 4:30 to help prepare the breakfast for after sunrise service.  We were also greeters at church and I do the Sunday School offering/attendance.  We ended up going home after S.S. and greeting as both of us were having trouble keeping our eyes open.  Dean did work 60 hours this week and he will this next week, too.  So, hopefully we'll sleep real good tonight and be ready to go when the alarm goes off at 4:15 tomorrow morning!


AmethystCat said...

wow - how neat! The coloring is great and the flower center is really stunning. I'm sure I don't have anything that great in my stash of unused items. Great card!!

Glittered Paws said...

What a beautiful sunflower and LOVE the cracked corn in the center - I see a posey flower on there too, I had some in my stash which I used. Thanks for playing and sharing your card with us.

Chelsea said...

love the bling on this ... I laughed at your story ... I too have stuff stashed in drawers and haven't see it in years ...

Anonymous said...

What a neat sunflower. Such an awesome card. The center of the flower is fantastic.

Teresa Jenkins said...

This is fabulous! Love the spotted background and your blingy center of the flower is amazing, gotta love hidden gems that you stumble across!

Laura said...

What a beautiful card! Love the bright colors, and the center of the flower looks so cool!