Monday, November 29, 2010

Scrapbooking our Sedona weekend

I finally got some spare ink tanks for my printer and got some of the pictures printed from our fun weekend in Sedona, AZ!  The fall colors were at their peak and we took a 2 hour trolley tour besides eating and walking around.  Didn't do any shopping but looked in a few shops.  Seen the most amazing candles that glowed from inside when lit!  Little pricey for my but gorgeous none the less.

All the paper if from a package by Colorbok. I did "some" stamping using some retired TAC sets. This first page is a few of the scenes from around town. The upper left is a sculpture called "Follow the Leader." Was amazing in the detail.  Top right was the home of Lucille Ball. We were told that quite a few celebrities own homes in the area.  Bottom left is Erin, the Trolley Tour driver.  She was amazing!  And bottom right is a gorgeous fountain in a small section of town where many art galleries are located.

We had so much fun on the Trolley Tour. Sedona has some wonderful rock formations such as Coffee Pot Rock (top), Madonna & Child and the Nuns (under Coffee Pot), Cathedral Rock (or maybe Castle Rock), and Capitol Butte (bottom).  The rich red colors is from an abundance of iron in the rocks.  You ought to see them at sunrise or sunset!!

Here is the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  You can go inside from the back but my pictures were just too dark. It's a Catholic church and has a small gift shop in the basement.  Erin took our picture in front.  We had her to ourselves for this 1 hour part of the tour.

I will show more in my next post.  I still have a bunch of photos to print but will get to them one of these days to "scrap".

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