Thursday, September 2, 2010

Colorful Chiminea

My wonderful hubby gave me a very plain chiminea (outdoor free-standing fireplace) for our anniversary last winter.  I had him bring it into the house so I could decorate it (that's why he bought a plain one).  I finally got it done!!  Only took 9 months.  Bad me! LOL! Anyway, I used acrylic paints and the retired but MUCH loved Kokopelli set that I'll keep forever. 

Here it is, all plain, dull looking, begging for some color!!  Are you ready??

Here it is!  I now have it outside with a layer of fire rocks in the bottom ready for use.  It's much too hot out yet in the evenings so I may place a candle in it until we're ready to use it. I probably should have waited until our "patio" was totally shaded but I just couldn't wait!

Here's the closeups.  I made the "dots" using a pencil eraser!  I so like how it turned out. I didn't spray seal this as I need to get some high temp stuff.  So, what "furniture" have you stamped??  Home decor? Have some fun!


Glittered Paws said...

WOW WOW WOW this turned out just great - I never really like that set - but you did a great job using it. Now for some cool evenings.

KellyRae said...

Carol, it looks great (and very colorful). I've got that retired set too and it's definitely a keeper.

Chelsea said...

that is sooo cool ... very "Arizony" ... love it!