Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm back!!!

Got a new power cord and a replacement modem.  Only needed the power cord. Will be sending the modem and BAD power cord back.  Yippee!  Can't believe how disconnected I felt!

So, now for a post for today.  Next week on the30th from 10 am to noon at the AZ Scrapbooking store I will be teaching a class on using the Southwest Collage stamp from Outlines Rubber Stamps.

This is the picture that should show up on their website.

Here's the 3 cards close up. The solid card stocks are smooth Bazzill, pretty cool but I do like the textured better. I will be teaching another class in August using another Outlines collage stamp.  I really need to stamp with our images but seems like my time this past week was getting to computers to check email, etc.

This coming Sunday some of us angels from Paper Wings will be having a Christmas in July blog tour. I have 3 projects (10 pictures) to show! I'm so excited! The tour starts at 6 pm Pacific Daylight time so stay in touch!


Bridgett Owens said...

Great cards...a very south western theme! Have fun at your class!! Glad you are back up and running! The blog hop will be fun, too!

Glittered Paws said...

I am usually not a "southwest" lover but you have done a wonderful job with these - love all the bright colors. what a fun class you will have.

Anonymous said...

YippeE! Blog hop on the 30th must be on the calendar.
Southwest colors are beginning to appear from place to place in small hue batches. Green hangs in a storm cell rainstorms leave a green trail for an additional number of days. A couple of days ago the sight of brown, tan, beige, seemed rushing at us. Then, storms with moisture and no trailing forest fires came through. Wow! Sights for popping eyes at the mid toward end of July.
All your bright colors backgrounding Southwest stampes have a true appeal for action eventho it is boiling hot out in your turf. We're just boiling, but not like you, enough to cook an egg. Ha! Wouldn't I like an air conditioned flight to join in your class??!!!! YES! DH hasn't mentioned any more of those great flight prices recently.
Keep Looking UP!

Trudy Osborn said...

What fun, fun cards! Glad you are back

KellyRae said...

Gorgeous colors! I bet the class ladies will LOVE them. I sure do.

Christine Pennington said...

I love all the bright colors!

Kim said...

These are wonderful ... Luv the vibrant colors!