Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We had FUN!!

I just had to have a picture taken of the great gals who attended Linda's party last Saturday!  The card was a hard one but, with my friend Susanne's help, we got it across! You seen in a previous post the card I made for the example.  Well, some gals were very creative and changed it around!  How exciting to see them grasp the concept and make it their own! So, without further ado....

On the couch from left to right: Linda, Pensa, Gayle, Mary, Shannon, and Sue.
On the floor: Eunice, Brianna, and me.
We had lots of giggles, a bit of frustration at times, but most said they'd make another! 
These gals also planned to scrap the rest of the day but we had to leave due to other plans. I'm sure there were giggles all evening!  Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful time and I sure enjoyed meeting all of you!

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Teresa Jenkins said...

So glad you had a good time and that they liked your card!!