Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's time...

We have a new little coffee shop here in Amado, AZ. Great coffee and some pastries. My dad noticed that she didn't have a clock and Gail (not sure of spelling) said she hasn't found one to her liking yet. So... You know me! I told her to let me play with an idea and here it is! I purchased a "cheap" clock from Walmart for about $5 and removed the cover, hands, and printed face paper.
After using the face to draw a template on a piece of white cardstock I got busy. None of the images are current so I can't give you any links.

I tried to match the colors of her walls which are turquoise, brown, and kind of a mustard. These are sponged on the white exterior of the clock. I used my Stardust Clear Gel pen on the coffee smoke, spoon and word on the coffee cup, and on the donuts so they look like their sugared! In real life it is rather striking. She liked the clock and it does look cool on her wall!

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Trudy Osborn said...

Still LOVE it! It is perfect for a coffee shop