Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It seemed like such a great idea....

Our son goes through 4-wheel drive vehicles like a duck takes to water. He seems to love creating unique vehicles as much as I like to stamp! This is his latest. He sold his Chevy Blazer body and put this Chevy Sonoma body on the Blazer chassis. It's must be a boy thing. I hope to get more pages made as he sends photos. I just seen a photo yesterday and he's already got the pickup primed grey and ready to paint. This photo I've had for a couple weeks.

Paper: Kaleidoscope Boyz WIC, scrap of white cardstock
Stamp: This Boy
Ink: Prussian Blue PH
Embellishments: paper photo turns, brads

Have you left a comment on my May 15 Blog Candy drawing post? You will have to scroll down a ways to find it. Look under the "You might like these stories" for the itty bitty red print and click on the word "comment" then follow the directions. So far I haven't had much for comments. Or click HERE to go directly to the post and just scroll down to Post a Comment, click and follow directions.


Barb said...

LOL! Definitely an 'in progress' photo :) I love the title for this page... priceless!

Bridgett Owens said...

Sounds like my husband... Boys and their toys, huh? LOL Great layout!