Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Magalogue, where are you!

I haven't received our new Magalogue yet but on our "angel" forum on Paper Wings there has been much discussion and NOT a critical word has been said! This new magalogue has the seal of approval of every angel who has already received her copies! I've looked at some angel blogs and I've seen some really cool cat sets (1 cat is a flapper from the '20's), a set called The Renaissance for $21.95, Victorian Elements for $21.95, retro hotel signs, cupcakes, Memo Fun, home decor ideas, sketch ideas, clear acrylic albums, a felt flip album, embellishment fun, and tips! Do I have your attention yet?? I have 10 Magalogues left! So, at this time I'm sitting where I can see our front gate willing the big brown UPS truck to come in and deliver my Magalogues!

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