Friday, December 26, 2008

Another sneak peak of a new stamp set

Have you enjoyed seeing the 4 new sets I've already posted? Well, here's another!

This set is called Beautiful Day. It's a set of 17 stamps and will sell for $21.95. Isn't it great?! It will be on my list for purchase.

I hope to try something new this new year. I would like to feature the artwork of one of my readers that isn't a TAC "angel" but you must use TAC stamps! If you are interested please contact me. Also, are there any questions that you have that you need an answer for? Any product that we carry that you'd like to see featured? I would like to make my blog more inspirational and informative.

So, did you get any new stamps or crafting products for Christmas? Would love to hear about them. So please post a comment!

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