Thursday, November 20, 2008

Retiring Stamp Sets and other information

Good news!! Basically no sets will be retiring soon! Some may not be in the new catalog coming out in February 2009 but they will be available online! And, if you go the TAC™'s home page you can click on Creative Corner and see new projects! Have you entered TAC™'s drawing for the Penelope/Sydney products?? Time is running short!

I seen a short video today on how to subscribe to blogs! So cool! It's called "RSS in Plain English". Click here to see! You may have to watch it a few times or pause and rewind but it is pretty good! I'm hoping that after the first of the year to change my blog to another server and use my domain name that is currently going to my website with all the albums. I hope this will make my blog more professional and informative. We'll see how the economy and Dean's job (there has been many layoffs at his place of employment) goes as to what I do.

So, have you stamped anything today? Do you realize that Christmas is a little over a month away?? GASP!! Have you started shopping or making anything yet?? You can purchase stamps and supplies for that special stamping buddy by going to my online catalog/shopping cart! I plan on making most our gifts this year as $$ are a bit tight. So, I'll be making cookies, candy, fudges, and some stamped items. Got some projects done already and some have been posted but I did not mention who gets what! I did purchase some small things for friends but Sandi, you'll just have to wait ! (Bet I get a phone call on this comment!) I had a craft table at a Farmer's Market today and only sold enough to cover the cost of the table, ouch! I'll try again on Dec. 11 and push Christmas! Hopefully I'll do way better. Everyone that walked by my table had to handle my denim rugs but no one was buying! Well, I'm pooped and it's late so I'm headed to bed. 'Night all!

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