Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fall Supplement is NOW available!!

All the new stamps sets are now available for your viewing and purchasing! Wahoo! Can you tell I'm excited!! Click here to see all of them! If this link doesn't work just scroll down the left side menu of my blog to Favorite links and click on Online Catalog and shopping cart. When my TAC homepage comes up (and I recommend opening this in a new tab on your browser by placing your arrow/cursor on the name, right click, then click on open in a new tab) click on the products page, scroll down to Fall Supplement, and click on that. There is also a slideshow of the sets in the left menu. And you can also go to my personal website gallery in the Specials album to see all the sets. Do I have you clicking away?? LOL! Enjoy!

And my prayers are out for those in Texas and Louisiana for the next few days with Hurricane Ike.

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