Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Official!

I got my Instructor Badge today! I will be teaching 2 classes in March of 3 techniques each. On the 12th I'll teach Faux Linen, Chalk Popping, and Bleaching. On the 26th I'll teach Crinkled Paper Texture, Saran Wrap Texture, and Rock N Roll. I got these techniques from Rita Holmes and the TAC-niques group. If you are an "Angel" you should join this yahoogroup, it's great. I also have to make 22 fliers that will be distributed around the area to help promote these classes. I'm charging $10 per person and will be supplying some paper or special items, the "students" have to supply the rest. These classes will also be promoted through the GVR's newsletters and other newspapers. I am also working on my April classes as I have to have the info in by the end of February. The only stipulation.... I can't mention T.A.C. or take orders but I can have business cards available. I have donated a current catalog to the stamping ladies classroom and have already gotten orders. Just too cool!!

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