Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February Specials

Can you believe that today is the LAST day of January 2017???  Seems like yesterday was January 1!!
The month sure went by quickly, at least to me!  Here are the specials for February...

If you would like to join up with this great company and be on my team here's a deal to get $50 off either the Platinum or Amaze Starter Kits.  Upon checkout enter the code JMWJB50 and save!  These 2 kits are customizable so you can choose from different dies, stamp sets, and ink pads!  Check out the flyer on my FSJ Specials page.

Our February Bloom Box is great for getting ready for spring! The butterfly is huge! Subscribe for 6 months for $24.95 plus tax/shipping and get an exclusive stamp set and 4 precut card kits each month.  And it comes right to your door or post office!

And if you love Satin Ribbon these are on sale at 20% off starting Feb. 1!  Gorgeous and what delicious colors!  Check it out!

I do have a question for those who have the "I'm not a Robot" check box in their comment section..
Where do you get it?  I need it for all the robot comments I'm getting and I'd like to get rid of the moderating of comments.  Thanks!

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